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Welcome to Age of Valor! We are an Ultima Online free shard that has been running since 2006 featuring lot of advanced custom content which aims to provide a fun and balanced UO gaming experience. While we do have lot of custom content, we do our best to ensure it is balanced and similar to what you would find on an official server. We may be small but we have a great uptime and reliability track record. Check out our forums and features page to learn more about our shard.

Server host is, port 1337. See connection instructions here.

Oct 15 2017 11:18:12 pm  -  October 15, 2017 - Champs, Fountain, Quest and Supremes
Greetings AOV!

It's been awhile since the last update but here's a few things to keep you busy while we work on some other additions.

Please continue to report any bugs or issues you experience and we will do our best to address and fix them up. A couple of bug fixes and additions did not make it in for this update but we have decided to release what's complete while we continue on the other stuff.

Here's a list of the newest additions and fixes for this update:

Champion Spawn Catch Up

This has been in place for awhile but we had not posted the notes for the changes:

- Scrolls of transcendence can drop from non-fel and fel champs. They pop into your pack from killing mobs. Fel champs will drop higher level scrolls.
- White candle reset timer has changed from 10 min to 1 hour, making it easier to solo with enough dedication
- Natural champ respawn is now 10-25 min
- Slice timer has been raised from 1 second to 10 seconds as to cause less load on the system
- Random t2a champ spawns can now pool from all champion spawns, including ML champs and custom champs
- Max spawn down from 250 to 200, meaning that less monsters need to be killed for each level
- Champ boss HP and stats increased to match OSI
- All champs can now drop artifacts in your pack upon death (Any facet). 30% decor, 15% shared, 5% unique drop. Luck does not impact odds, more than one drop can happen per champ kill.
- AOV custom artifacts, such as champion sashes and name items like "Semidar's Soul" or "Mephitis Fang" have been added to the standard OSI drop list
- You can still get a drop from the champion boss even if you didnt do any damage to the boss itself. This is based on doing damage to the spawn and your damage during all levels.
- Champion spawn boundaries have been individually set for each spawn, allowing better spread within the boundaries.
- There are only 3 active spawns allowed on the shard at any given time (Valor should not start it). This is for fel only champs (trammel and T2A)
- Colonel Sanders champ is now plant themed and spawns a bog thing champion. It can randomly be found in Felucca T2A or will spawn in the farmer field in Britain in Felucca.

Pieces of a Long Lost History Quest

Head on over to the Gargoyle City in Ilshenar and talk to Alec. He'll tell you about pieces of a long lost history hidden in the sands of the nearby desert.

For 1000 gold you can buy his sand sifting tray and test your luck at finding pieces of ancient relics and heirlooms. Combining 10 pieces together will reward you with a decorative item dating back to Juka or Meer history!

Be careful when sifting the sands, you might disturb some nasty desert creatures. It's also possible that they've been hanging on to some of those antiquity fragments!

Fountain of Fortune Revisions

The Fountain of Fortune in the Underworld has had its reward list updated.

The Underworld monster protection scrolls are now split up to protect against individual Underworld monsters. They also have a graphic and description when double clicked.

The fountain's reward message is now more descriptive to what prize/buff you've received.

The buff/prize list has been revised, including some new items such as the Amulet of Safeguarding.

Buffs (80% Chance)
- New rotworm scroll protects you against blood poisoning for 1 hour
- New bloodworm scroll protects you against blood poisoning and anemia for 1 hour
- New tangling roots scroll protects you against entangling for 1 hour
- +10 strength bonus for 1 hour
- +10 dexterity bonus for 1 hour
- +10 intelligence bonus for 1 hour
- If you have any of the above bonuses already when you use the fountain of fortune, you may instead have your expiry reset to 1 hour

Items (20% Chance)
- Gemologist's Satchel (Gold, contains 5-8 rare gems)
- Soles of Providence (Gold Sandals, 80 luck)
- Amulet of Safeguarding (Always contains Defense Chance Increase 5%, Hit Point Increase 5 and Luck 80. Always contains one protection bonus for creatures in the Underworld and one killer bonus for creatures in the Underworld).

- Clothing bless deeds no longer drop from the fountain of fortune

Supreme Revisions
- Supreme creatures will now spawn in Ter Mur. This means the Underworld can now spawn supreme creatures (and any other Ter Mur area once populated)
- All supreme creatures will now spawn in Abyssal Red hue (Black + red)
- Supreme creatures will spawn in with a burst of dark energy and a howl of cacophony. This is purely for effect.

Miscellaneous Fixes
- Halloween hint scrolls now have a yellow hue for the bonus as opposed to blue as it's easier to read.
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Event ::  Oct 08 2017 1:23:13 pm  -  Canadian Thanksgiving 2017
Happy Thanksgiving weekend to all Canadian players!

You can once again find the turkeys in Ilshenar. Help rid us of these voracious birds!

This event will run between October 8th - October 31st

Please note, this is the same event as last year's 2016 event. The turkeys will return again for American Thanksgiving in November, but it will be a new event this year!

Please report any issues or concerns you may have and we will do our best to address them.

There are 5 different kinds of turkeys

Lesser Turkey
These smaller turkeys show "a turkey" above their names. They don't have much health and are not much of a threat. These are the most common of all the turkeys. You may be able to find bronze and silver roulette tokens on their corpses.

Turkey Leader
Beware! These turkeys look just like the lesser turkeys, that is, until they are killed. These turkeys will burst into multiple copies of themselves, posing more of a threat than lesser turkeys. You can quickly get overrun if you aren't careful. These turkeys can also drop bronze and silver roulette tokens on their corpse with a better success rate than the lesser turkeys. They also have more loot on their corpses.

Giant Turkey
These giant turkeys are the strongest of the regular turkeys in the turkey clan. They have a lot of health and are strong fighters. Killing one will always reward a roulette token or horn of plenty (goes directly in your pack). Tokens range in rarity from the bronze token to the highly valuable platinum token!

Turkey Minion
An annoying minion summoned by Grosse Giblet's eggs. Although these are relatively weak, they do have a pecking ability that can cause continuous damage, disrupting spell casting.

Grosse Giblets the Huge
The big boss of all the turkeys! This turkey is no joke. Grosse Giblets have tons of health and nasty abilities. It will take a long time to take one of these down but you can get some unique rewards from it:

Special Drops (Off Grosse Giblet. Horn of Plenty also drops on Giant Turkeys)

Abominable Wishbone:
A scepter with spell channeling (no penalty), faster casting 1, mage weapon -0 and weapon damage 35%

Tuft of Feathers:
A wooden kite shield with spell challenging (no penalty), defense chance increase 5%, lower requirements 100%, reflect physical damage 5% and 15% physical resist

Horn of Plenty:
A decorative lockdown themed for Thanksgiving. Locking it down in your house and double clicking it will give you all kinds of edibles such as ears of corn, french bread, squash, pumpkins and a cooked bird.

Gravy Boat:
A boat shaped vessel to hold your gravy!
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Event ::  Oct 02 2017 8:28:59 pm  -  Halloween 2017
Greetings AOV!

It's Halloween season, which means that Wormwood is accessible to players once again!

You can find white event gates to the Halloween event at various town banks.

Please report any issues or concerns you may have and we will do our best to address them.

Over 30 quests to take part in for unique rewards!

Candy Collection
Collect candy from completing quests. Candy can be eaten, put down in your house as decoration, or used in quests for better rewards!

Costume Collection
Collect toadstools for Grunilda to help her decorate her house. Turn in enough toadstools and claim a costume as a prize!

Frog Quest
Can you find Helga's 5 missing frogs? Grab a shrinking staff and set out to find them. Maybe some of the other witches and warlocks can provide you with hints to their location.

Hint Scrolls
Some quests will reward you with hint scrolls. In addition to providing you with some useful knowledge and tips, some provide you with a bonus against boss abilities or allow you to access new locations!


Complete certain quests to gain haunted house keys as a reward. These keys will allow you infinite access to fight the following bosses (Bosses respawn approximately every 15 minutes once killed).

Bosses will always drop one of the following, provided you have done enough damage for loot rights:

60% Chance to drop a special toadstool for Grunilda's costume collection
20% Chance to drop a special Halloween colored dye (Boss specific)
15% Chance to drop special Halloween decor (Boss specific)
5% Chance to drop an artifact from the Conjurer's set (Boss specific)

Ethel the Deranged Witch

Possible rewards
- Black Toadstools, Green Toadstools or Red Toadstools
- Halloween Green Dye (5 Charges)
- Black Cat Statuette, Halloween Ghoul Statuette or Platinum Token
- Conjurer's Grimoire (Spellbook: Undead Slayer, Magery +15, INT 8, SDI 15, LMC 10)

Pumpkin King

Possible rewards
- Black Toadstools, Green Toadstools or Red Toadstools
- Halloween Orange Dye (5 Charges)
- Carved Pumpkin or Platinum Token
- Conjurer's Trinket (Talisman: Undead Slayer, STR 1, HPR 2, HCI 10, DI 20)

Herpekitus the Plant Monster

Possible rewards
- Black Toadstools, Green Toadstools or Red Toadstools
- Halloween Red Dye (5 Charges)
- Dark Tree or Platinum Token
- Conjurer's Garb (Robe: MR2, Luck 140, DCI 5)

Sorceress of the Night

Possible rewards
- Black Toadstools, Green Toadstools or Red Toadstools
- Halloween Purple Dye (5 Charges)
- Ruined Tapestry, Pumpkin Scarecrow or Platinum Token
- Conjurer's Sandals (Sandals: MR2, Luck 140, DCI 5)

Malevolent the Reaper

Possible rewards
- Black Toadstools, Green Toadstools or Red Toadstools
- Halloween Black Dye (5 Charges)
- Grim Warning, Skulls on a Pike or Platinum Token
- Conjurer's Sash (Sash: MR2, Luck 140, DCI 5)
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News ::  Sep 07 2017 12:22:38 am  -  Scheduled shard restarts now implimented
I have decided to implement a scheduled restart as the shard seems to slow down after a while if it's been running too long. This is similar to "server wars" that we had in the early days, except there won't be a no save period. I have it set to give a 30 minute warning (allows you to finish anything you're doing etc) and then it will restart.

Currently I have them scheduled to happen at 8pm ET on Thursdays.

Also, if no one is online or everyone logs off, instead of counting down 30 minutes it will restart right away.
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News ::  Jul 08 2017 1:38:24 am  -  [july-8-2017] - unexpected network outage [back up]
We have lost our main internet feed and it is being investigated by our isp. I took this opportunity to do a full shard reboot so lag issues should hopefully be fixed when it comes back.

No ETR yet.
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News ::  May 21 2017 7:16:05 pm  -  [May 22 2017] - 2 hour planned outage [complete]
Some time tomorrow I will be doing some renovations that will involve moving some fibre optic wiring around which will cause a shard outage. I don't plan to actually take the shard down, so normal stuff like plants, idocs etc will continue to cycle as normal but you won't be able to connect. I will probably have to reboot it after as the shard IP list only gets updated at startup and the IP will probably change. I will update this post ahead of time when I'm about to pull the plug, and if anyone is online I'll give a warning in game too to give time to retreat.

I have not really decided on a time, I may even do it really late tonight, but I will update the post when I get to it. Basically I'm insulating my basement and I need to completely remove the ONT equipment that's on the wall so I can put the insulation and vapour barrier behind it. I will probably relocate it to another area at same time since it's currently in the hot aisle and it's really tight back there.

It will probably take less than 2 hours but figured that's a safe window to set.
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May 11 2017 11:13:15 pm  -  May 11, 2017 - Cherry Blossom 2017 Addition & Bug Fixes
- Fixed an issue with statuettes when locked down in houses
- Revisions to base creature/base pet to support new custom house pet system
- Two new house pet rewards were added to the cherry blossom collection: the shiba inu and the crane
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News ::  Apr 27 2017 8:11:50 pm  -  [Apr 27 2017] - Unexpected server outage [back up]
We have a huge storm passing through and the power went out. I'm at work now and can't do anything but it looks like we lost the server, I lost connectivity to all my servers. I am hoping it is a fibre cut and not the batteries depleting as it would indicate that our run time is way lower than it should be, and it would also cause lot of damage to the servers for them to go down hard.

Server will most likely remain down for at least a day as I'm at work and can't do anything until I get back and then I have to sleep so I can go to my next shift. If we are lucky it's just a fibre cut, that will mean the servers are still running so less chance of hardware damage.

Sorry for the inconvenience this may cause.
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Apr 26 2017 12:11:05 am  -  April 25, 2017 - Cherry Blossom Festival 2017 Updates
Greetings AOV!

Fifteen new prizes have been added to this year's blossom collection!

Head to the town of Zento on the Tokuno Islands to take part in the festival and to check out the new rewards from the blossom collection. You will have up to May 31st to collect blossoms before they are turned off until next year. You will still be able to claim prizes from the blossom collection after May 31st.

10 Points
- Year of the Rooster 2017 statue (Year of the Monkey 2016 is no longer available)

25 Points
New Origami
- Origami Prism Star
- Origami Jade Lotus
- Origami Black Lotus
- Origami Dark Lotus

Decorative Plants (Can change appearance by turning with interior decorator)
- Decorative Bamboo
- Decorative Yucca

50 Points
Tokuno Costumes
- Kaze Kemono Costume
- Rai-Ju Costume
- Yomotsu Elder Costume
- Yamandon Costume

75 Points
Blossoming Bonsai (Can change appearance by turning with interior decorator)
- Peach Bonsai (Gives +10 Stamina Petals every 4 hours)
- Magnolia Bonsai (Gives +12 Dexterity Petals every 10 hours)
- Plum Bonsai (Gives +12 Strength Petals every 10 hours)
- Cherry Bonsai (Gives +12 Intelligence Petals every 10 hours)

Each bonsai will hold a maximum of 10 petals. Each petal's effect lasts 2.5 minutes once consumed (Except the peach bonsai, which will allow you to instantly use another petal)
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News ::  Apr 24 2017 8:11:24 pm  -  [Apr 24 2017] 8:45pm planned server maintenance [complete]
At around 8:45 (about half an hour from now) the server will go down for (short notice) planned maintenance. We are starting to run out of disk space on the db server due to a change in the backup job, so I will be adding more disk space to accommodate that.

I expect this downtime to take no longer than half an hour. Will post when I start it. Given no one is on I will probably start it early.
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