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Welcome to Age of Valor! We are an Ultima Online free shard that has been running since 2006 featuring lot of advanced custom content which aims to provide a fun and balanced UO gaming experience. While we do have lot of custom content, we do our best to ensure it is balanced and similar to what you would find on an official server. We may be small but we have a great uptime and reliability track record. Check out our forums and features page to learn more about our shard.

Server host is, port 1337. See connection instructions here.

Apr 26 2017 12:11:05 am  -  April 25, 2017 - Cherry Blossom Festival 2017 Updates
Greetings AOV!

Fifteen new prizes have been added to this year's blossom collection!

Head to the town of Zento on the Tokuno Islands to take part in the festival and to check out the new rewards from the blossom collection. You will have up to May 31st to collect blossoms before they are turned off until next year. You will still be able to claim prizes from the blossom collection after May 31st.

10 Points
- Year of the Rooster 2017 statue (Year of the Monkey 2016 is no longer available)

25 Points
New Origami
- Origami Prism Star
- Origami Jade Lotus
- Origami Black Lotus
- Origami Dark Lotus

Decorative Plants (Can change appearance by turning with interior decorator)
- Decorative Bamboo
- Decorative Yucca

50 Points
Tokuno Costumes
- Kaze Kemono Costume
- Rai-Ju Costume
- Yomotsu Elder Costume
- Yamandon Costume

75 Points
Blossoming Bonsai (Can change appearance by turning with interior decorator)
- Peach Bonsai (Gives +10 Stamina Petals every 4 hours)
- Magnolia Bonsai (Gives +12 Dexterity Petals every 10 hours)
- Plum Bonsai (Gives +12 Strength Petals every 10 hours)
- Cherry Bonsai (Gives +12 Intelligence Petals every 10 hours)

Each bonsai will hold a maximum of 10 petals. Each petal's effect lasts 2.5 minutes once consumed (Except the peach bonsai, which will allow you to instantly use another petal)
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News ::  Apr 24 2017 8:11:24 pm  -  [Apr 24 2017] 8:45pm planned server maintenance [complete]
At around 8:45 (about half an hour from now) the server will go down for (short notice) planned maintenance. We are starting to run out of disk space on the db server due to a change in the backup job, so I will be adding more disk space to accommodate that.

I expect this downtime to take no longer than half an hour. Will post when I start it. Given no one is on I will probably start it early.
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News ::  Apr 21 2017 8:51:06 pm  -  Shard down for emergency maintenance [back up]
There seems to be an issue with the database and I am currently investigating.

It seems something happened to the items database table and all items have been wiped. At this point I am not sure what is the extent of data loss. I am going to be looking at backups.

FINAL UPDATE[5:42AM ET]: I have been monitoring the shard, and also the test and dev environments for good measure. Everything seems ok now. Unfortunately can't figure out what would have caused this, so we'll just have to hope there's some odd explaination and that it won't happen again. As a precaution I have modified the backup job to backup the database multiple times a day.

UPDATE[11:09PM ET]: I have not figured out what caused this but consider the shard up and you can resume normal playing. I will keep monitoring it to see if it happens again. I'm going to call this one a freak accident and hope it does not happen again...

UPDATE [9:53PM ET]: We have confirmed that this backup is proper. So the shard will be reverting to Apr 20 06:00:0. I may reboot it and do other maintenance but as far as your stuff is concerned the loss is only going to be about a day.

UPDATE [9:29PM ET]: Shard may appear up at times, but consider it down. I am trying different backups and still playing around. It is subject to revert back. I still cannot explain what happened but I do appear to have a backup from Thu Apr 20 06:00:08 so if it works I will go with that one.
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Event ::  Apr 16 2017 11:02:17 am  -  The Easter Egg Hunt Returns! April 16 - April 30th
The Easter egg hunt returns this year!

The event will run from April 16, 2017 to April 30, 2017. The event items will be removed on May 1, 2017

This year the eggs can be found all over Tokuno! This event takes place at the same time as the cherry blossom festival so you might even find petals to collect while searching for the eggs.

What are the prizes?

- Chocolate Easter Bunny

- Staff of Sparks (Easter themed fireworks launcher)

- Pigment Ticket (1 use)

- Easter Basket full of hot cross buns and shortbread cookies and a ham (skill deed) and lamb chop (power scroll)

- Random artifact deed (double click to get a random arty)

- Pet bonding deed (Instantly bonds a pet)

- Commemorative Easter Egg in exotic colors

- Squirrel's Acorn (Locked down in your home, summons a squirrel friend)

- Easter Bunny costume (turns you into a bunny with an exotic color)

- Springtime Robe (HPR3, Phys 5%, Cold 5%)

- Rebirth Talisman (SR2, HPR2, Luck 50, Cold 10%. Summons a pixie)

Are the eggs only found in Tokuno?

- The eggs can spawn anywhere on the main land mass as well as in Zento. This is in Tokuno only.

- The eggs WILL NOT spawn in dungeons, so do not waste time looking in any dungeons.

I've searched for hours and I haven't found a single egg

This can be due to many different scenarios. Here's a few tips:

- Hold down CTRL + SHIFT keys to pop up objects/items around you. If you notice a pop up that says 'smoke bomb' or has the word 'egg' in it, you may have possibly found an egg (Smoke bomb pops up initially as the Easter eggs use the same image. After a few seconds they will change names. Feel free to pick them up at any time though).

- Keep in mind that many other players are also searching for eggs. If you are searching in high traffic areas or in areas where players have already been, then the eggs may have already been collected.

- If you are in a dungeon or if you are in a facet other than Tokuno, you will not find any Easter eggs.

How many eggs are spawned and when do they respawn?

There are 4 spawners, one for each type of Easter egg rarity. Currently, every hour all eggs will refresh and respawn their maximum number of eggs.

As for the total number of eggs spawned, there are well over 300 around Tokuno. Unlike previous years, this is a smaller facet so it will be easier to collect. As the event starts to dwindle and approach the end, less eggs will start spawning around the world.

Also, as players collect the eggs, there will naturally be less laying about until a new one respawns. Staff will manually respawn the eggs periodically in order to swap up the egg spots and to free any trapped eggs (See next point).

I found an egg but I can't grab it!

There are times when an egg will spawn in an unreachable location. You can try your best to find a way to reach the egg to grab it (Use teleport and CTRL + SHIFT). If you still cannot reach the egg, it's best to let it go and not waste any time trying to obtain it. There are plenty of other eggs around the world.

Spawners are periodically refreshed to reshuffle and respawn the eggs. If an egg was stuck, it will be moved to a different location. If the spawners were not refreshed, the eggs would still have decayed on the ground as part of the item decay process (Which is about 48 hours).

Staff will not move trapped eggs to a player's location. This is what the spawner refreshing process is for.

Can I trade eggs? Do I need to turn them in using the same character?

Yes. You are able to trade eggs to other players. If another player wishes to offer you something else for your eggs, then you are free to trade.

If an egg has been redeemed and converted into points, the points are bound to the player that brought the egg in. These points CANNOT be transferred to another player, however, you can redeem a reward which can then be transferred to another player.

Make sure you turn in all your eggs on the SAME CHARACTER. The collection is player bound, not account bound.

Can we save eggs/points for next year?

The points accumulated towards the collection will remain. As this event is a yearly event, the points you accumulated will remain for next year. We would advise turning in your eggs at the end of the event (The collection box remains all year). That way you accumulate the points. Staff may have to globally delete the eggs in order to clean up after the event so we recommend turning your eggs in just in case.

Will the collection statue be removed on April 30th?

Although the event will end on April 30th, the collection statue will remain (This will get transported back to the city of Yew in Trammel). You can redeem your points for prizes at any time during the year, but you will have to wait until next year to collect more eggs.

We hope everyone enjoys this year's Easter event and has a safe and happy long weekend this spring!
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Event ::  Apr 02 2017 1:18:20 pm  -  Cherry Blossom Festival 2017 (April 1st to May 31st)
The Cherry Blossom Festival Returns!

Head to the town of Zento in the Tokuno Islands to take part in the festival!

The festival runs yearly from April 1st to May 31st.

During the festival season, you can enjoy the following benefits:

Treasures of Tokuno
- Increased drop rate of Treasures of Tokuno between April 1st to May 31st
- The Tokuno champ spawn has returned this year to help with farming those Treasures of Tokuno!

Acid Slimes
- Increased sightings of acid slimes between April 1st to May 31st. One of the random top attackers will receive a bottle of pigment when the slime has been killed. The pigment will be the same color as the slime.

Cherry Blossom Puzzles
- Head to Zento and try one of the Cherry Blossom puzzles. Win lesser Treasures of Tokuno as prizes as well as blossoms for the community collection.
- Gives a higher chance of getting Leurocian's Mempo of Fortune or the Yomotsu Elder's sleeves as a prize
- 1 in 50 chance of getting the puzzle exclusive shadow veil mempo!

Blossom Collection
Collect different blossoms and turn them in for new prizes, such as decorative flower vines, costumes of tokuno creatures, and new equipment!

Note: Be sure to turn your blossoms in with the same character if you are collecting points. Points are character bound, not account bound!

Collecting blossoms can be done several ways
- Complete the quests that can be found at the Zento bank
- Kill monsters in the three Tokuno based dungeons (Fan Dancer's Dojo, Yomotsu Mines or the Citadel)
- Escort festival goers to Zento
- Complete the Cherry Blossom Puzzles for a chance to get blossoms as a reward
- Sometimes spawned naturally around the ground around Tokuno (Not in dungeons)

- Search the lands for the terrible Niddhogg. A random person in the top attackers list will get its head upon death. Deliver the head to the NPC in Zento for a reward.
- Festival escorts can be found around the Tokuno islands. Bring them to Zento for a reward.
- An NPC in Zento will give you a quest to kill a specific list of lesser monsters that are found in Tokuno.
- Find the zodiac statues in the tokuno dungeons. Bring these back to zento for a reward. Careful, the thieves have trapped the area and have kept the statues well guarded!

Dungeon Changes
- Some spawn changes have been changed or cleaned up
- All monsters in the fan dancer's dojo, the yomotsu mines or the citadel have a chance to drop blossoms in your pack upon their death (Only during festival season from April 1st to May 31st).
- Your luck will influence your odds of getting a higher quality blossom which is worth more turn-in points.
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News ::  Apr 01 2017 2:16:37 am  -  Downtime for network upgrades [completed]
I am pleased to announce that we have been working behind the scenes for the past few months to setup a new network uplink for the shard and the final upgrade and deplyoment was just completed today. We are now successfully running off the new PSTN link powered by US Robotics based technology. We will continue to monitor performance but so far it looks very good.

This is in efforts to continue to provide low latency high quality service.
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News ::  Dec 30 2016 10:37:36 pm  -  [Dec 31 23:59:60] - Important notification
Due to abnormalities in the Earth's rotation over the past years, a leap second is being added at the end of December 31. This will give everyone an extra second of play time for 2016.

It may also break the server somehow, but I doubt it.

Happy New Year everyone. Razz
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News ::  Dec 05 2016 8:48:21 pm  -  Donate now to help advertise for the shard
I have a coupon to advertise on Google Adwords for $150 if I spend $150. (so potential of $300 total in advertising)

If anyone interested and would like to see that happen, make a donation through the donation link below and I will keep track of donations from this point and once we hit $150 I will go ahead and advertise through Google. (you can also do it through donation stone in game, it will auto populate account name)

Right now it's considered beta as I have yet to have a proper test run of it, so please let me know via PM if you donate, and for how much. That way I'll be able to know if the transaction goes through properly. I'm about 90% sure it will work fine as I tested it myself with my own Paypal.

Thanks in advance for any donations!
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Event ::  Dec 02 2016 5:04:42 am  -  AoV Christmas Event 2016
2016 AOV Christmas Event: Shields Down (December 1st, 2016 - January 15, 2017)

The evil elves are back, and have taken over Santa's village once more. During renovations, evil ninja elves have slipped through, and have managed to use the village's magic to continuously pour in through portals. We could build a bigger wall and make them pay for it, but they would still be able to come in. So instead we will build a shield, it's going to be yuge, we built one before last year, and it was successful, so we will build one even bigger! But we need your help!

Shield generators have been installed in 3 locations to block these portals, but there are not enough elves to keep them fuelled all the time. Your help is needed to do this. They appear as follows:

How to fuel a shield generator: To fuel a shield generator you simply place coal, or cast fire spells on it. Double click coal to light, it will also eventually catch on nearby coal. Several piles of coal can be placed around to maximize the speed at which power level increases. Coal drops on the floor and from dark elves. It can also be obtained by mining anywhere in Sosaria.

Example of fuel generator that is fuelled by coal being placed around it:

Double clicking it will tell you it's status. There are 3 major modes for these generators:

Offline: No protection provided. Dark elves continue to arrive. Double clicking will show you the current power vs the power required to turn on.

Online: Dark elves have more trouble entering, but can still enter. Continue to add fuel. Double clicking will show you the current power vs the full power potential.

Full power: When this point is reached, all evil elves are instantly killed and no longer arrive. Good elves will slowly start to spawn. Good elves may fight any bad elves that happen to remain.

Note: These shield generators emit radiation which is known to the facet of trammel to cause health decrease and in some cases, death. Ask your doctor if the job of fueling these is right for you.

When the coal runs out, the power level of the shield generator slowly drops, at some point the good elves will stop spawning, and bad ones will start to return. Shield generator #3 is a special case where it has no control over evil elves, however once brought to full power it will provide surprise stockings throughout the village.

As well as evil elves, some sith lords whose ship has crashed have also decided to establish themselves in the NSA errr Claus Surveillance Centre. This has prevented Santa from checking to see if people are being naughty or not. It is also where shield generator #3 is, so it may prove difficult to enter until shield #2 is activated at full power.

Few last notes:

- To enter event, there are white gates throughout the world with title "Shields down!"

- There is a quest right at the entrance, it's worth grabbing it if you want some quick Christmas decoration.

- Due to mechanics of spawners and their sleep mode, allow 5ish minutes for good elves and surprised stockings to spawn the first time the cores are brought to 100%. Once stuff starts to spawn, the spawners will speed up. They are all set to spawn a new mobile/object within 30 seconds to 3 minutes.

- Difficulty may be a bit on the hard side due to amount of spawn, a stealther may be useful to get the generators going. Lit coal will also damage mobs, be creative. Wink

Stocking Rewards

Possible Resource Drops:
- Blight
- Luminescent Fungi
- Corruption
- Parasitic Plant
- Muculent
- Diseased Bark
- Bark Fragment
- Perfect Emerald
- Dark Sapphire
- Turquoise
- Ecru Citrine
- White Pearl
- Fire Ruby
- Blue Diamond
- Brilliant Amber
- Scourge
- Putrefaction
- Taint
- Random Runic Tools
- Random Skill Gain Deeds
- Pet Bonding Deeds
- Bags of Sending
- Bank Checks/Gold
- Ash Boards
- Yew Boards
- Bloodwood Boards
- Heartwood Boards
- Frostwood Boards
- Random Magic Items

Christmas Decoration Drops (Drops in Stockings)
Red and White Poinsettias
Christmas Candle
Festive Cactus
Snowy Tree
Decorative Topiary
Small and Large Nutcracker
Red and Green Candy Cane

Introduced in 2015 Christmas Decoration Drops (Drops in Stockings)
Christmas Tree Angel
Snow Statues (Seahorse, Pegasus, Griffon, Mermaid)
Snow Globes (Various colors and names. Rare glacial color is 10% chance)
Holiday Bells (Various colors and names. Rare gold color is 10% chance)

New 2016 rewards!
Gingerbread Man
Pot of Eggnog
Rocking Horse

Stop the evil elves, and make Christmas Village great again!
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Event ::  Nov 23 2016 10:42:27 pm  -  Thanksgiving 2016
Gobble Gobble!

The turkeys and giant turkeys have returned this Thanksgiving.

Help rid Ilshenar of these voracious birds!

This event will run between November 23, 2016 - Dec 31, 2016

Please report any issues or concerns you may have and we will do our best to address them.

There are 5 different kinds of turkeys

Lesser Turkey
These smaller turkeys show "a turkey" above their names. They don't have much health and are not much of a threat. These are the most common of all the turkeys. You may be able to find bronze and silver roulette tokens on their corpses.

Turkey Leader
Beware! These turkeys look just like the lesser turkeys, that is, until they are killed. These turkeys will burst into multiple copies of themselves, posing more of a threat than lesser turkeys. You can quickly get overrun if you aren't careful. These turkeys can also drop bronze and silver roulette tokens on their corpse with a better success rate than the lesser turkeys. They also have more loot on their corpses.

Giant Turkey
These giant turkeys are the strongest of the regular turkeys in the turkey clan. They have a lot of health and are strong fighters. Killing one will always reward a roulette token or horn of plenty (goes directly in your pack). Tokens range in rarity from the bronze token to the highly valuable platinum token!

Turkey Minion
An annoying minion summoned by Grosse Giblet's eggs. Although these are relatively weak, they do have a pecking ability that can cause continuous damage, disrupting spell casting.

Grosse Giblets the Huge
The big boss of all the turkeys! This turkey is no joke. Grosse Giblets have tons of health and nasty abilities. It will take a long time to take one of these down but you can get some unique rewards from it:

Special Drops (Off Grosse Giblet. Horn of Plenty also drops on Giant Turkeys)

Abominable Wishbone:
A scepter with spell channeling (no penalty), faster casting 1, mage weapon -0 and weapon damage 35%

Tuft of Feathers:
A wooden kite shield with spell challenging (no penalty), defense chance increase 5%, lower requirements 100%, reflect physical damage 5% and 15% physical resist

Horn of Plenty:
A decorative lockdown themed for Thanksgiving. Locking it down in your house and double clicking it will give you all kinds of edibles such as ears of corn, french bread, squash, pumpkins and a cooked bird.

Gravy Boat:
A boat shaped vessel to hold your gravy!
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