[Jul 15 2017 16:03:19] Ixxie: ...dick move, Squirrely ;)
[Jul 15 2017 14:46:54] Red Squirrel: Oh ok, will need to check the backups then. :P
[Jul 15 2017 01:06:08] Ixxie: I mean it was nudes but you waited too long. Snooze/lose.
[Jul 15 2017 01:05:36] Ixxie: I did. But I figured it out and deleted it.
[Jul 15 2017 00:36:08] Red Squirrel: Did someone send me a PM? I saw I had a new one, but there is not actually a new one.
[Jul 13 2017 20:27:56] ggkthx: OH HELLO
[Jul 13 2017 18:09:01] Ixxie: HAI GISE :D
[Jul 08 2017 01:50:25] ggkthx: I guess I'll stop trying to connect then :D
[Jul 08 2017 01:43:37] Red Squirrel: tempting to tether my firewall to my phone, but id go over my data in like minutrs lol. kinda curious if it can be done rhough...
[Jul 08 2017 01:34:53] Red Squirrel: looks like there is issue wuth internet in my area, techs checking it out
[Jul 08 2017 01:24:28] Red Squirrel: hmmm based on your post it happened before I guess. my poling interval is low mind you.
[Jul 08 2017 01:23:31] Red Squirrel: yeah seems the internet feed is down. not sure if my end or isp yet. looks like it happened around 1:06am. going to take thus opportunity to do a full reboot.
[Jul 08 2017 01:00:00] ggkthx: Server go boom?
[Jul 07 2017 21:32:54] ggkthx: I'll reply to every one of these damn threads if I have to until someone helps me not be so bored. :/
[Jul 07 2017 02:14:23] Red Squirrel: No idea, that's kinda odd it did that.
[Jul 06 2017 18:44:18] ggkthx: whoa, how/why did that post 4 times? Or does it just look like it for me?
[Jul 06 2017 18:43:41] ggkthx: Playing again, hard to say. But I'm blowing about 5 mil on houses that fell down, so that's a thing.
[Jul 06 2017 18:43:32] ggkthx: Playing again, hard to say. But I'm blowing about 5 mil on houses that fell down, so that's a thing.
[Jul 06 2017 18:43:24] ggkthx: Playing again, hard to say. But I'm blowing about 5 mil on houses that fell down, so that's a thing.
[Jul 06 2017 18:30:20] ggkthx: Playing again, hard to say. But I'm blowing about 5 mil on houses that fell down, so that's a thing.
[Jul 06 2017 18:26:45] ggkthx: Maaaaybeeee
[Jul 06 2017 17:19:47] Ixxie: Are you nerds actually playing again?
[Jul 05 2017 18:35:08] ggkthx: If anyone got any of our stuff when our buildings fell please let me know. Random loot, AoAs, etc I don't care about but decorative items, like my cake collection and nutcrackers, my lamp posts, the soulstone we had in the guildhouse, stuff like that I'd really like to get back somehow if possible.
[Jul 04 2017 13:23:05] Red Squirrel: Lol I can check when I get home, it's been running for so long, was probably due for a restart anyway.
[Jul 04 2017 00:11:46] Shanks: logged into test center and it instant crashed lol.
[Jul 03 2017 21:49:37] Shanks: Wow, There's a name i didn't think i would ever see. WB Cho!
[Jun 18 2017 22:33:40] Death: Welcome back Cho! It's always weird returning and trying to remember how to make your macros and play the game.
[Jun 17 2017 14:20:41] Cho: I logged into uo..... I dont even remember how to play =( Its been way too long since ive played.
[Jun 01 2017 21:19:38] Death: Cherry Blossom festival is now over for this year. You can still turn in blossoms and collect your rewards but all festival quests and methods of obtaining new blossoms are turned off until April 1st, 2018.
[May 22 2017 02:23:39] Red Squirrel: That's odd, did you notice a pattern like is it after you've logged out for a while? It almost seems like it might still be using the loyalty timer, which it should not.
[May 22 2017 01:12:36] Lumpy Pickle: yeah sometimes it just stands there and wont move i feed it all that good stuff wont listen to commands and then just out of no where it just starts following me like 10 mins later
[May 21 2017 21:08:33] Death: What's the issue? Does it not listen to commands?
[May 21 2017 21:07:02] Lumpy Pickle: and now its not i have no clue whats going on it works sometimes but other times it just stand there and will not move
[May 21 2017 20:44:58] Lumpy Pickle: death my beetle is broken
[May 20 2017 20:24:06] Death: I checked the spawners and they were alright, just a few missing but I refreshed them. The petals do decay with time when on the ground but will gradually respawn. There aren't as many on the main land, your best bet to finding more petals is to kill stuff in the tokuno dungeons as they drop directly in your pack. There's also quests and puzzles you can do to get more of them.
[May 20 2017 20:13:29] Lumpy Pickle: since the easter eggs have been turned off it seems like the chery blossoms only spawn in very few locations and only once a day at most
[May 11 2017 23:27:18] Death: Two new rewards added to the festival prizes: shiba inu dog and crane house pets
[Apr 26 2017 18:18:09] Death: New festival prizes are live!
[Apr 19 2017 17:01:56] Death: Cool stuff. There will be some interesting new items this year so save your points!
[Apr 19 2017 16:21:23] Lumpy Pickle: i got all the costumes an stuff last yr so im only in it for the new stuff :P
[Apr 19 2017 16:20:56] Lumpy Pickle: sweet ty
[Apr 19 2017 16:19:55] Death: The rooster should be available for selection near the end of the week, whenever Red gets a chance to push the changes to the live server
[Apr 19 2017 16:15:42] Lumpy Pickle: i didnt miss it i want the rooster :P ty for refreshing the egg timers ill be on tonight to play with them
[Apr 19 2017 10:35:00] Death: Thanks for letting me know! I've refreshed the eggs spawners and have changed the spawn times to refresh them periodically. The peach blossom rewards still contain the 2016 monkey statue in case you missed it last year so it will be the last chance to grab one before the rooster statue takes over.
[Apr 19 2017 00:08:24] Lumpy Pickle: ohh and the peach blossom rewards yr needs updated its not 2016 anymore :)