[Sep 23 2017 14:41:13] Draco: Thanks how you been? MD
[Sep 22 2017 15:54:38] Red Squirrel: Haha nice. WB!
[Sep 22 2017 04:45:24] Draco: Im amazed my accounts are still kicking , 4000days old xD. How are yall?
[Sep 21 2017 22:33:20] Lumpy Pickle: sounds good keep us posted and when its done you can log on a regular toon and join us for a good time down memory lane!
[Sep 21 2017 21:50:14] Death: I'll see if I can get that finished for the next update
[Sep 20 2017 21:50:40] Lumpy Pickle: only thing im looking forward to being fixed is dread horn i miss running that and i have someone to run it with me :P
[Sep 20 2017 21:39:25] Red Squirrel: Ugh yeah the way properties are done is a pain. At one point I wanted to completely redo that whole system so it's more streamlined, but it's a huge project to take on so not sure if I want to do it still. If I did that system it would make it super easy though. Same with time based stat bonuses and stuff like that, right now those are super dirty to code.
[Sep 20 2017 21:22:17] Lumpy Pickle: damn i thought it was easier lol just change type copy properties lol dont burst my bubble with technicalities
[Sep 20 2017 19:28:08] Death: That's one thing I always wanted to do but unfortunately, it's not easily done. Armor has base values in it, which tie into bonuses from materials. If you change the armor type, you need to know the factor in which to take it down because the base properties and material bonuses will shift the resists (and any inherit bonus such as durability/str req and stuff). It can be done just would need a lot of work.
[Sep 20 2017 18:25:16] Lumpy Pickle: i got an idea sell a ticket for like 2 mill to restyle a non artifact peice of armour so like you have a chain mail coif but hate the looks so you buy a ticket and change it to a plate helm or something else
[Sep 18 2017 09:50:14] Death: I can take a look as I was already in those scripts making modifications. Most likely just needs to be added in to the skill list.
[Sep 18 2017 00:32:41] Lumpy Pickle: Talismans offer buffs to trade skills one forgotten was poisoning I have no current need for it but i would like to have it if we ever got a big population :P
[Sep 16 2017 10:00:08] Death: I can confirm that the paragon chest drops are working as intended. I checked the scripts and the paragons on live and was able to get chest drops (sometimes first drops too, go figure). Most likely had a bad streak of luck before you were able to get a chest.
[Sep 16 2017 09:50:20] Death: Doors are unlocked now. Most likely locked from the turkey invasion years ago and forgot to set them to unlocked.
[Sep 16 2017 09:48:03] Death: Sounds shifty...maybe something illegal is going on in there
[Sep 16 2017 03:09:21] Lumpy Pickle: the bread shop in yew is locked on both doors
[Sep 15 2017 13:10:39] Death: Yay! good to hear
[Sep 15 2017 13:05:55] Cho: I just got one off of a para vorp chicken ;)
[Sep 15 2017 12:20:17] Death: hmmm k. Named creatures have a completely different drop system but good to know those are dropping. i will check to see if I can get a paragon to drop a chest on live.
[Sep 15 2017 10:41:20] Cho: Last time I got a chest I want to say it was off of lady sabrix weeks ago.
[Sep 15 2017 08:07:31] Death: I thought Gir had said that she got one off a balron the other day
[Sep 14 2017 23:04:25] Lumpy Pickle: paragon chests are bugged they do not spawn anymore me and gir killed so many things so many
[Sep 14 2017 22:02:33] Red Squirrel: Hmm interesting. Would have figured it would take weapon slot but talisman slot is kinda neat too as it opens up to interesting templates that may also have a weapon.
[Sep 14 2017 20:34:15] Death: Well how do you like that, the instrument talisman images still exist. I think at one point they wanted to turn instruments equippable as talisman slots but they never ended up following through with it. Looks like they're all there though, lute, harp, drum, flute and aud-char
[Sep 14 2017 20:29:05] Death: If memory serves me right, there were some strange musical instrument talismans and possibly an equipable lute at one point, I'd have to see if those assets still exists. I do know that individual music notes exist so maybe customized instrument tunes :P
[Sep 14 2017 19:24:20] Lumpy Pickle: all logged off for restart
[Sep 14 2017 19:03:05] Lumpy Pickle: food for thought uo edition
[Sep 14 2017 18:56:48] Red Squirrel: Come to think of it, it's weird that instruments can't be equipped. Unfortunately that's a client side thing though so not something we'd be able to change. At least I don't think so... there may possibly be graphics for it that just never got used.
[Sep 14 2017 11:12:29] Lumpy Pickle: i figured but i wanted to ask
[Sep 14 2017 10:05:09] Death: The big problem with that is instruments have the smallest property pool because they cannot be equipped. They really only get slayer, replenish charges and charges so there is not a lot of variety. Even adding these in to make runics worthwhile would not really work because then you would have slayer instruments with tons of charges that replenish so not much incentive to make anymore runic instruments
[Sep 14 2017 01:36:32] Lumpy Pickle: i have a crap ton of carpentry runics but the only thing i want to use them on is instruments they do not add anything to those is that something you would consider adding to carpentry runics?
[Sep 13 2017 19:24:07] Death: I checked, the black unicorn is spawned, it was somewhere in Ilshenar anyways. I've respawned it in case it was stuck so it's around, just gotta look for it
[Sep 13 2017 18:32:57] Lumpy Pickle: Death or red if you log on and have some time i have something id like to show you and discuss you may like the idea
[Sep 13 2017 18:00:08] Death: Miasma's respawn timer has been increased to 1 minute
[Sep 13 2017 12:55:29] Death: I have a hunch then. There's a central group of spawners that are in the "middle" which allows a mob or item to spawn anywhere on the overworld of ilshenar. It's possible that the spawner was deleted or deactivated in error as there are event spawners clustered nearby for turkeys/easter eggs. I will check
[Sep 13 2017 12:44:51] Lumpy Pickle: ishnear
[Sep 13 2017 08:48:26] Death: refresh my memory which facet the black unicorn spawns in and i'll have a look
[Sep 13 2017 08:47:27] Death: The ML named creature spawners have shorr timers as they are typically camped by more than one person for their goodies. i can extend it to a minute respawn to slow it down but the general idea is to reduce wait time as they are prime camping spots
[Sep 13 2017 01:27:49] Lumpy Pickle: can you check the black unicorn spawner it seems to be not spawning its been more then 90 days
[Sep 12 2017 21:07:25] Lumpy Pickle: miasma's spawn timer needs adjusted its an instant respawn which turns really chaotic quick Gir now hates hunting there lol
[Sep 09 2017 13:12:03] Red Squirrel: Loot, runics etc (all tie together) really needs a revamp, we do plan to look at it eventually. Though as far as I know they do work at the moment, just that they could be improved. Odd that there was no resists, that does not seem right, but may have been bad luck.
[Sep 09 2017 09:49:30] Lumpy Pickle: I just burned a bunch of barbed kits and none of the gear had any resist on it dont know if it was bad luck or that the kits are broken
[Sep 08 2017 01:49:38] Lumpy Pickle: and i could totally lower the item count on this realm if i could combine my runic tools into one tool or something like that i have hundreds of 1 use runics even some that spawn as a 0 charge
[Sep 08 2017 01:48:28] Lumpy Pickle: its free to do i set one up for me but its unofficial in all ways with discord you can post notices rules updates anything also
[Sep 07 2017 20:55:43] Red Squirrel: Hmm does look interesting, I may need to read up on it further, but something worth considering. Not a fan of cloud stuff but if it supports running a server I could set one up. But either way I'll look into it if anyone wants it.