[May 22 2017 02:23:39] Red Squirrel: That's odd, did you notice a pattern like is it after you've logged out for a while? It almost seems like it might still be using the loyalty timer, which it should not.
[May 22 2017 01:12:36] Lumpy Pickle: yeah sometimes it just stands there and wont move i feed it all that good stuff wont listen to commands and then just out of no where it just starts following me like 10 mins later
[May 21 2017 21:08:33] Death: What's the issue? Does it not listen to commands?
[May 21 2017 21:07:02] Lumpy Pickle: and now its not i have no clue whats going on it works sometimes but other times it just stand there and will not move
[May 21 2017 20:44:58] Lumpy Pickle: death my beetle is broken
[May 20 2017 20:24:06] Death: I checked the spawners and they were alright, just a few missing but I refreshed them. The petals do decay with time when on the ground but will gradually respawn. There aren't as many on the main land, your best bet to finding more petals is to kill stuff in the tokuno dungeons as they drop directly in your pack. There's also quests and puzzles you can do to get more of them.
[May 20 2017 20:13:29] Lumpy Pickle: since the easter eggs have been turned off it seems like the chery blossoms only spawn in very few locations and only once a day at most
[May 11 2017 23:27:18] Death: Two new rewards added to the festival prizes: shiba inu dog and crane house pets
[Apr 26 2017 18:18:09] Death: New festival prizes are live!
[Apr 19 2017 17:01:56] Death: Cool stuff. There will be some interesting new items this year so save your points!
[Apr 19 2017 16:21:23] Lumpy Pickle: i got all the costumes an stuff last yr so im only in it for the new stuff :P
[Apr 19 2017 16:20:56] Lumpy Pickle: sweet ty
[Apr 19 2017 16:19:55] Death: The rooster should be available for selection near the end of the week, whenever Red gets a chance to push the changes to the live server
[Apr 19 2017 16:15:42] Lumpy Pickle: i didnt miss it i want the rooster :P ty for refreshing the egg timers ill be on tonight to play with them
[Apr 19 2017 10:35:00] Death: Thanks for letting me know! I've refreshed the eggs spawners and have changed the spawn times to refresh them periodically. The peach blossom rewards still contain the 2016 monkey statue in case you missed it last year so it will be the last chance to grab one before the rooster statue takes over.
[Apr 19 2017 00:08:24] Lumpy Pickle: ohh and the peach blossom rewards yr needs updated its not 2016 anymore :)
[Apr 18 2017 23:55:32] Lumpy Pickle: i ran all 3 islands looking for easter eggs twice in 2 hours no luck on one
[Mar 25 2017 18:00:50] Death: Yes, they are. My apologies, I was supposed to make a post about them and have been periodically tweaking the spawn ranges for each champ altar. You can go ahead and fight the champs, I will make a post about champion spawns a bit later.
[Mar 25 2017 17:56:40] Ixxie: are champs back up?
[Mar 17 2017 16:41:31] Red Squirrel: lol yeah I need to look at that again some time. Lots of reverse engineering to do.
[Mar 15 2017 18:08:00] Death: Mmmmhmmm time to motor on that client update :P.
[Mar 04 2017 00:58:26] Red Squirrel: So seems the shard is pretty dead these days. I still want to update it and add more content. Eventually. :P
[Feb 21 2017 22:43:02] Death: Happy super late Valentine's day
[Feb 12 2017 21:53:50] Ixxie:
[Dec 25 2016 00:00:01] Red Squirrel: Merry Christmas all!
[Oct 11 2016 00:31:03] Red Squirrel: Ok TC1 is back up
[Oct 10 2016 23:59:22] Red Squirrel: Oh crap just realized I did not find a VNC client for this new Os install, going to try to find one and then check.
[Oct 10 2016 11:33:37] Shanks: Can't connect to TC1
[Oct 09 2016 20:12:34] Shanks: Would you consider removing the cap on HPI?
[Sep 27 2016 20:22:54] Death: Doing alright here as well
[Sep 25 2016 16:44:31] Red Squirrel: Doing good here
[Sep 23 2016 11:12:18] Shanks: How's everyone doing?!
[Sep 03 2016 02:29:35] Red Squirrel: Good to know, must be some weird thing at my work, it only ever does it there, but it's weird as it's over two separate connections that it does it.
[Sep 01 2016 12:08:57] Shanks: Site has seemed fine everytime i've been on it, has been a few times a day recently.
[Sep 01 2016 08:04:56] Red Squirrel: Has the site been slow for anyone? For whatever reason when I check from work it takes about 10 seconds to load. Wondering if it's my work connection or the site.
[Aug 29 2016 09:08:04] Shanks: Hey Ixx, if you see this text me I lost your number lol.
[Aug 06 2016 22:25:13] ninja2007: I know! i just want a UO ML server thats not completely trash! Please red if you get this you'd be the only UOML server out there.
[Aug 03 2016 14:13:15] Red Squirrel: Works by default in ServUO, I have it, but I still need to compare packet with our code. Our core is completely different. I know how, just the thing of taking time to do it, it's more tedius than hard.
[Aug 03 2016 11:11:20] ninja2007: i redid it with the newest servUO if you are sure you dont wanna check.
[Aug 03 2016 10:54:29] Red Squirrel: Our code is very different so it won't really help, still need to sift through manually. I had started doing it with ServUO but just got tedius and gave up temporary.
[Aug 02 2016 20:21:56] ninja2007: i can send you my base via email cause i got most of AoV transfered over expect the masterspieces and obviously the SQL server i can send it to you so you can see what i did?
[Aug 02 2016 11:41:57] Red Squirrel: No immediate plans to do that. I want to do it eventually though. Just a pain in the ass, they made too many packet changes. I will need to do packet comparisions in wireshark and Servuo, it's just tedious.
[Aug 02 2016 00:04:37] ninja2007: any news when the server will be able to use the new patch or any news at all, there is absoluetely NO servers worth playing thats it ML thats not stupid skill caps and stat caps i wish i could just play UOvalor.
[Jun 13 2016 22:42:47] Red Squirrel: That's something that's crossed my mind actually, instead of having houses decay, it would just require some kind of payment that comes out of your bank. Then it goes into the decay mode, maybe with like a month grace period or something.
[Jun 12 2016 20:10:52] ggkthx: That would be great if I hadn't lost a gigantic collection of masterpiece resources 2 or 3 times now. Sigh. Wish I could just pay a tental.fee to upkeep my property