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Welcome to Age of Valor! We are an Ultima Online free shard that has been running since 2006 featuring lot of advanced custom content which aims to provide a fun and balanced UO gaming experience. While we do have lot of custom content, we do our best to ensure it is balanced and similar to what you would find on an official server. We may be small but we have a great uptime and reliability track record. Check out our forums and features page to learn more about our shard.

Server host is, port 1337. See connection instructions here.

Event ::  Apr 02 2021 8:24:56 pm  -  Easter Egg Hunt 2021! April 2nd - April 11th
The Easter egg hunt returns this year!

The event will run from April 2nd to April 11th, 2021. The event items will be removed on April 12th, 2021

Visit the Easter bunny in Yew in Trammel. All Easter eggs collected in Trammel can be turned in by double clicking the egg statue outside the Heartwood.

What are the prizes?

- Chocolate Easter Bunny
- Staff of Sparks (Easter themed fireworks launcher)
- Pigment Ticket (1 use)
- Easter Basket full of hot cross buns and shortbread cookies and a ham (skill deed) and lamb chop (power scroll)
- Random artifact deed (double click to get a random arty)
- Pet bonding deed (Instantly bonds a pet)
- Commemorative Easter Egg in exotic colors
- Squirrel's Acorn (Locked down in your home, summons a squirrel friend)
- Easter Bunny costume (turns you into a bunny with an exotic color)
- Springtime Robe (HPR3, Phys 5%, Cold 5%)
- Rebirth Talisman (SR2, HPR2, Luck 50, Cold 10%. Summons a pixie)

Are the eggs only found in Trammel?

- The eggs can only spawn on the overworld of Trammel
- The eggs WILL NOT spawn in dungeons.

I've searched for hours and I haven't found a single egg

This can be due to many different scenarios. Here's a few tips:

- Hold down CTRL + SHIFT keys to pop up objects/items around you. If you notice a pop up that says 'smoke bomb' or has the word 'egg' in it, you may have possibly found an egg (Smoke bomb pops up initially as the Easter eggs use the same image. After a few seconds they will change names. Feel free to pick them up at any time though).

- Keep in mind that other players may also be searching for eggs. If you are searching in high traffic areas or in areas where players have already been, then the eggs may have already been collected.

- If you are in a dungeon or if you are in a facet other than Tokuno, you will not find any Easter eggs.

How many eggs are spawned and when do they respawn?

There are 4 spawners, one for each type of Easter egg rarity. Currently, every 30 seconds a new egg will spawn if the spawner maximum has not been reached

There are over 600 eggs that spawn in various types around Trammel. Common and uncommon eggs are more frequent but if you are lucky you might also find a rare egg or the ultra rare golden eggs! As the event starts to dwindle and approach the end, less eggs will start spawning around the world.

Also, as players collect the eggs, there will naturally be less laying about until a new one respawns. Staff will manually respawn the eggs periodically in order to swap up the egg spots and to free any trapped eggs (See next point).

I found an egg but I can't grab it!

There are times when an egg will spawn in an unreachable location. You can try your best to find a way to reach the egg to grab it (Use teleport and CTRL + SHIFT). If you still cannot reach the egg, it's best to let it go and not waste any time trying to obtain it. There are plenty of other eggs around the world.

Spawners are periodically refreshed to reshuffle and respawn the eggs. If an egg was stuck, it will be moved to a different location. If the spawners were not refreshed, the eggs would still have decayed on the ground as part of the item decay process (Which is about 48 hours).

Staff will not move trapped eggs to a player's location. This is what the spawner refreshing process is for.

Can I trade eggs? Do I need to turn them in using the same character?

Yes. You are able to trade eggs to other players. If another player wishes to offer you something else for your eggs, then you are free to trade.

If an egg has been redeemed and converted into points, the points are bound to the player that brought the egg in. These points CANNOT be transferred to another player, however, you can redeem a reward which can then be transferred to another player.

Make sure you turn in all your eggs on the SAME CHARACTER. The collection is player bound, not account bound.

Can we save eggs/points for next year?

It would be best to use up all your points as collections may change in the future from being character based to account based.

Will the collection be removed after April 11th?

Although the last day to collect eggs is April 11th and the event will be stopped on the 12th, the collection will remain in the city of Yew in Trammel. You can redeem your points for prizes at any time during the year, but you will have to wait until next year to collect more eggs.

We hope everyone enjoys this year's Easter event and has a safe and happy long weekend this spring!
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Event ::  Apr 01 2021 9:37:40 pm  -  Cherry Blossom Festival 2021 (April 1st - May 31st)
The Cherry Blossom Festival returns for 2021! Festival runs from April 1st to May 31st.

If you wish to participate in the festival, head to the bank in the town of Zento on the Tokuno Islands.

During the festival season, you can enjoy the following benefits:

Festival Decorations
* Peach, magnolia, plum and cherry blossom trees are in full bloom around Tokuno
* The town of Zento is decorated for the festival. You can access the cherry blossom collection, statue pillars and cherry blossom puzzles from here.
* Tama the Fireworks Vendor will sell you firework rockets for the festival season! The color you receive will be random. Place these on the ground and ignite them with a fire spell or other flammable attack! Set off a chain reaction of fireworks by combining explosion potions or coal ore to the mix!

Treasures of Tokuno
* Increased drop rate of Treasures of Tokuno between April 1st to May 31st

Acid Slimes
* Increased sightings of acid slimes in Tokuno between April 1st to May 31st. One of the random top attackers will receive a bottle of pigment when the slime has been killed. The pigment will be the same color as the slime.

Cherry Blossom Puzzles
* Head to Zento and try one of the Cherry Blossom Puzzles. Win lesser Treasures of Tokuno as prizes as well as blossoms for the community collection.
* Gives a higher chance of getting Leurocian's Mempo of Fortune or the Yomotsu Elder's sleeves as a prize
* A chance to win a fireworks kit with 10 charges (recharges). Will produce a firework that you can set on the ground and launch in the air by igniting it with a fire source or fire spell. Firework color is random.
* 1 in 50 chance of getting the puzzle exclusive shadow veil mempo!

Blossom Collection
Collect different blossoms and turn them in for new prizes:

* Blossom Blaster: A black staff that works like a fireworks wand. Launches a group of fireworks into the air, with colors matching the Cherry Blossom Festival!
* Embroidered Pillow: A decorative pillow for your house
* Pink and Purple Flower Vines: Decorations for your home
* Zodiac Statue: A decorative statue celebrating the Chinese Zodiac (Currently, Year of the Rat 2020). Available in 4 different colors. You can convert this year's statues as well as previous years' statues using the colored pillars of stone at the Zento bank.
* Origami Bunnies available in 4 colors
* Origami Dragons available in 4 colors
* Origami Blossoms in a wide variety of exotic hues!
* Decorative Bamboo and Yucca: Decorative plants for your home!
* Dragon Brazier: A decorative brazier for your home! Works as a light source, double click to turn on or off
* House Pets: Place them in your home to have a companion to greet you and your visitors! Will stay within the confines of your house and cannot be damaged or killed. Can be issued commands like other tamed creatures. Pets to choose from include a crane, deathwatch beetle, dog and cat
* Costumes: Numerous costumes available of the monsters you can find around the Tokuno Islands!
* Special Bonsai: Unique colored bonsai representing one of 4 seasonal blossoming trees that can be found around Tokuno during the festival season. Will produce petals that can give you a temporary buff to your str, dex, int or stamina
* Special Stat Clothing: Clothing with unique and powerful bonuses, available in Tokuno styled clothing such as kimonos, kamishimos, obis and ninja belts!

For a limited amount of time you will be able to retrieve last year's zodiac statue but don't wait too long as this will be switched over to a new statue for this year!

Note: Be sure to turn your blossoms in with the same character if you are collecting points. Points are character bound, not account bound!

You can collect blossoms in the following ways:
* Killing creatures around Tokuno. Killing creatures on the main lands of Tokuno have a low chance of rewarding a random blossom in your pack (based on player luck).
* Killing monsters in the three Tokuno based dungeons (Fan Dancer's Dojo, Yomotsu Mines or the Citadel) will reward you with the greatest chance at obtaining blossoms. The type of blossoms you get improve with player luck.
* Complete the Cherry Blossom Puzzles for a chance to get blossoms as a reward
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News ::  Apr 01 2021 6:56:09 am  -  [April 1 2021 @ 11:00pm ET] - Quantum Server Migration
At around 11pm tonight I will begin the crudely conceived task of migrating the server to a new quantum computer powered by dual turbo encabulators. This will increase performance and artifact drop rates. The original server was based on a normal silicon fabrication process surmounted by a malleable FR4 reinforced isolation substrate and a logarithmic processing unit coupled in such a way that the two main spurving bearings were in a direct line with the panametric random access memory module controller. (RAMMC) The new server will have six hydrocoptic marzlevanes running in parallel connected directly to a lunar waneshaft to reduce sidefumbling and sporadic enemy spawning in bad locations.

The entire assembly uses a main winding of the normal lotus-o-deltoid type running on a 48v DC sinusoidal wave connected to panendermic semi-boloid slots in a stator, and every sevent conductor being connected to a non reversible tremmie pipe.

I am waiting for some grammeters to arrive which will also help monitor this entire setup but I don't think there should be any issues going live.

This should be a fairly seamless transition and you will probably not notice any difference once the migration has been completed.

Sneak peak at one of the modules for the Turbo Encabulator on the workbench, I will post more pics when the whole thing is fully assembled.

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News ::  Mar 17 2021 12:55:29 am  -  Removed Adsense ads
The US now requires Google to force non US residents to pay taxes which I think is absurd so I decided to just pull off all the Adsense ads. (who does not use an adblocker these days, so you probably won't notice anything different anyway... Razz )

At some point I want to run ads myself that way I'm not relying on a 3rd party but for now enjoy the site ad free. When I do run my own ads I will be sure to keep them non intrusive and they also will not do any of the spying crap that Google does. I've been meaning to do this for a long time anyway as I really don't like this age of everything spying on you, so I was a bit of a hypocrite to use the ads in first place. This was the straw that broke the camel's back.
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News ::  Jan 15 2021 10:22:11 pm  -  Important info on forum email address, and UO accounts
This is just a reminder that you should ensure that the email address you use for the forum is valid, and that you actually remember it. Ex: that it's not something random that you never use. This will be important in the near future as you will need it in order to recover your account after the forum migration. We will be migrating to a new platform and it will require a password reset as there is no way to migrate the hashed passwords over.

The new platform will also be setup a bit differently, in that your account will be managed from a separate account management system. The idea behind this is that the account will work for pretty much with any 3rd party system I setup, such as a potential wiki in the future, or UO Gateway, for submitting a shard.

Speaking of accounts, please avoid sharing UO accounts between people. This creates complications and puts you at risk. With this new account management system that is coming, UO accounts will eventually be linked to the new account management system.

Don't worry about the idea of losing ability to have more than one UO account as that will not be lost. I will work on a way to tie multiple UO accounts to the same forum account. It will most likely involve appending a digit to the end of your username when logging in to UO.

Within UO, I will provide a way to migrate accounts to your forum account. More on that will come when that is actually implemented, as I'm not sure myself how I will do it yet.

This is a project that I procrastinated a ridiculous amount on, the goal is actually to get Iceteks and Anythingforums back online, two sites that I managed way before the shard even existed.

There's more info on this thread:

The goal of the new forum will be to act as an alternate place for general discussion. Social media is kind of taking over the forum world these days but it still can't hurt to keep the forum thing going, I still think it's superior. The timing is kind of good given the whole censorship stuff going on social media these days... but let's not go there eh.

Either way my goal is to try to make the transition as smooth as possible, as I don't want to turn into EA.
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News ::  Dec 11 2020 3:09:37 am  -  Server Degradation - [solved]
Everything is good and we are now back to full disk redundancy

Just a heads up I have 2 drives that have failed in one of the raid arrays on the NAS and it just so happens both the shard's VM and the database server are on that array.

I have 4 drives on order from 2 retailers to maximize chance of getting it sooner, and to have 2 spares after, since a couple of the other drives are throwing errors too. The drives in this array have around 60 thousand hours on them so I think it's just a matter of time until they all need to be swapped out.

In order to minimize load on this degraded array and reduce chance of another failure, I have decided to turn off the database server. The shard will continue to run, but if anything happens such as a crash, it will result in a revert to around Dec 11 2:45am ET. (no longer the case)

You can continue to play as normal, and if all goes well there will be no revert.

I'm on night shifts right now so I don't want to do anything too drastic at this point as I can't dedicate my focus 100% to it, but once I'm off again, I want to look at migrating the database server to another array. In theory I should be able to do that while the shard continues to run, and when I bring it back up, it will start to save again.

The shard itself does not really produce much disk IO so that will remain.

For your viewing pleasure, this is a shot of the carnage:

If I'm understanding this right, any of the B drives can fail and we will be safe, but if any of the A ones fail, then the entire array is lost. I do have backups but hope I don't need to use them as it's still a pain to rebuild everything.
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Event ::  Dec 05 2020 4:41:44 pm  -  Christmas Event 2020 - Help Fend Off the Evil Elves
2020 AOV Christmas Event: Shields Down (December 5, 2020 - January 23, 2021)

The evil elves are back, and have taken over Santa's village once more. During renovations, evil ninja elves have slipped through, and have managed to use the village's magic to continuously pour in through portals. We could build a bigger wall and make them pay for it, but they would still be able to come in. So instead we will build a shield, it's going to be yuge, we built one before last year, and it was successful, so we will build one even bigger! But we need your help!

Clean Coal(tm) powered shield generators have been installed in 3 locations to block these portals, but there are not enough elves to keep them fuelled all the time. Your help is needed to do this. They appear as follows:

How to fuel a shield generator: To fuel a shield generator you simply place coal, or cast fire spells on it. Double click coal to light, it will also eventually catch on nearby coal. Several piles of coal can be placed around to maximize the speed at which power level increases. Coal drops on the floor and from dark elves. It can also be obtained by mining anywhere in Sosaria.

Example of fuel generator that is fueled by coal being placed around it:

Double clicking it will tell you it's status. There are 3 major modes for these generators:

Offline: No protection provided. Dark elves continue to arrive. Double clicking will show you the current power vs the power required to turn on.

Online: Dark elves have more trouble entering, but can still enter. Continue to add fuel. Double clicking will show you the current power vs the full power potential.

Full power: When this point is reached, all evil elves are instantly killed and no longer arrive. Good elves will slowly start to spawn. Good elves may fight any bad elves that happen to remain.

Note: These shield generators emit radiation which is known to the facet of trammel to cause health decrease and in some cases, death. Ask your doctor if the job of fueling these is right for you. The coal workers association guarantees that clean coal is in fact a safe method of powering these and does not contribute to any harmful emissions resulting in global warming or mercury poisoning.

When the coal runs out, the power level of the shield generator slowly drops, at some point the good elves will stop spawning, and bad ones will start to return. Shield generator #3 is a special case where it has no control over evil elves, however once brought to full power it will provide surprise stockings throughout the village.

As well as evil elves, some sith lords whose ship has crashed have also decided to establish themselves in the NSA errr Claus Surveillance Centre. This has prevented Santa from checking to see if people are being naughty or not. It is also where shield generator #3 is, so it may prove difficult to enter until shield #2 is activated at full power.

Lastly, there has been a coronavirus outbreak in santa's village, and we strongly recommend you distance yourself from it. It does not discriminate, and kills all! Good luck.

Few last notes:

- To enter event, there are white gates throughout the world with title "Shields down!"

- There is a quest right at the entrance, it's worth grabbing it if you want some quick Christmas decoration.

- Due to mechanics of spawners and their sleep mode, allow 5ish minutes for good elves and surprise stockings to spawn the first time the cores are brought to 100%. Once stuff starts to spawn, the spawners will speed up. They are all set to spawn a new mobile/object within 30 seconds to 3 minutes.

- Difficulty may be a bit on the hard side due to amount of spawn, a stealther may be useful to get the generators going. Lit coal will also damage mobs, be creative. Wink

Stocking Rewards

Possible Resource Drops:
- Blight
- Luminescent Fungi
- Corruption
- Parasitic Plant
- Muculent
- Diseased Bark
- Bark Fragment
- Perfect Emerald
- Dark Sapphire
- Turquoise
- Ecru Citrine
- White Pearl
- Fire Ruby
- Blue Diamond
- Brilliant Amber
- Scourge
- Putrefaction
- Taint
- Random Runic Tools
- Random Skill Gain Deeds
- Pet Bonding Deeds
- Bags of Sending
- Bank Checks/Gold
- Ash Boards
- Yew Boards
- Bloodwood Boards
- Heartwood Boards
- Frostwood Boards
- Random Magic Items

Stop the evil elves, and let's Build Back Better(TM)!
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Nov 02 2020 11:24:35 am  -  Nov 2 2020 - Misc quality of life update
Greetings Aov Players, It has been a while since the last update! Today's update consists of quite a few minor game play enhancement updates. They are as follows:

- Reduced weight of gold by 1/10th. ex: 1,000 gold used to be 20 stone, it is now 2.

- Changed house decay timer from 500 days to 1826 (about 5 years, added extra day to account for leap year)
At some point I may want to go to a shorter decay but make it so the actual idoc can be somewhat player triggered after a given period and the items go to an auction or something. Ex: an IDOC would not happen until someone is there to benifit from it. But for now this is basically a way of making it a very long time without actually disabling it.

Note that given the state of the shard and lack of data to go on to compare, this is something kind of hard to test so I don't guarantee 100% the change worked, but it's literally just changing a number, so I can't see why it would not work. I still recommend you login and play for a little bit at least once a year to refresh houses that you want to keep.

- There is now a max follower slot bonus based on taming skill level. 105 and over will give you 6 total slots, while 115 or over will give you a total of 7 slots. The base max is still 5. This applies to pets as well as summons.

- Skill cap scrolls have been added as a champion spawn drop. The scrolls have a very small chance of dropping randomly as you are doing the spawn, just like scrolls of transcendence but with 1/2 the chance. In fel, they will drop with value of 5, and everywhere else with value of 1. The scrolls will let you bring your skill cap up to 800.

- Respawn rate for mining, lumberjacking and fishing has been lowered to be beween 5 and 10 minutes per vein, also they provide more resources per vein before they run out.

- When mining, lumberjacking, or fishing and your backpack is full, the resources now go at your feet. (I thought it was already this way but realized it was not)

- increased tile range for fishing from 4 tiles to 10.

- Reduced fishing delay from 8 to 3 seconds.

- Most artifact systems now give greater drop chance based on online count. 1 person online = 5x chance, 2-4 online = 3x chance, and 5 online = 2x chance. Anymore than that it's normal rate for that particular system. It's involved to start giving out percentages but some systems are affected better than others, for example in gaunt it pretty much works out that darkfather is 10% practically all the time if there are less than 5 people on. (10% is max)

- Tweaked drop rate for some artifact systems including making luck count more.

- Increase vendor range (ex: saying "bank" to open bank box). Technically should work with vendors too, but if there are more than one in range it seems it does not do anything, so this is mostly really for bank, and maybe stable.

- Energy vortexes now take only 1 slot. Also, when they spawn in llama form they will have beefier stats and perform basic mage skills. For this to work I had to switch their AI to the "super" one. This should not affect them too much in normal form as the AI still relies on skillset.

- Demitel bosses now have much less HP and mana.

- Deathblade summoners, which are NPC hireables that can be found around most cities, have been beefed up. They are NPCs that can help you fight in spawns. They are not super strong in of themselves, but if you manage to get one to summon deathblades they can be a great asset for champion spawns and perhaps even a boss if you are creative. When they get damaged they have a chance of summoning up to 5 deathblades, and also a small chance to make an existing one teleport to it's attacker. This may be tweaked over time if we feel they are TOO powerful, so they are a bit experimental. Please allow some time for these to be spawned in game.

- All levels of treasure map chests now have a chance of having an artifact and a 105 power scroll including crafting ones. The chance is based on level. Level 6 is guaranteed to have an artifact.

- Increased chance of smelting ore with increased mining skill.

- Mining power scrolls have been re-introduced in the mining bod quest system.

- If you take an empty pitcher and target a water elemental, it has a chance of converting it to an endless decanter of water. This special water pitcher as it's name implies has an endless supply of water. Every time you use it, there is a small chance however that it shatters.

- Did some code cleanup that was throwing compiler warnings. Some of which may have affected game play but there are too many to list, and it is mostly minor fixes.

Due to the nature of this update touching a lot of parts of the game, please do let me know if you notice anything off. I did test everything but there is always chance that there is something I overlooked. There is also a small chance of some of these being changed, or removed, if we feel it is too much or too little, but I don't anticipate that happening.
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Event ::  Oct 15 2020 12:01:48 pm  -  Halloween 2020
Greetings AOV!

It's Halloween season, which means that Wormwood is accessible to players once again!

You can find white event gates to the Halloween event at various town banks.

Please report any issues or concerns you may have.

Over 30 quests to take part in for unique rewards!

Candy Collection
Collect candy from completing quests. Candy can be eaten, put down in your house as decoration, or used in quests for better rewards!

Costume Collection
Collect toadstools for Grunilda to help her decorate her house. Turn in enough toadstools and claim a costume as a prize!

Frog Quest
Can you find Helga's 5 missing frogs? Grab a shrinking staff and set out to find them. Maybe some of the other witches and warlocks can provide you with hints to their location.

Hint Scrolls
Some quests will reward you with hint scrolls. In addition to providing you with some useful knowledge and tips, some provide you with a bonus against boss abilities or allow you to access new locations!


Complete certain quests to gain haunted house keys as a reward. These keys will allow you infinite access to fight the following bosses (Bosses respawn approximately every 15 minutes once killed).

Bosses will always drop one of the following, provided you have done enough damage for loot rights:

60% Chance to drop a special toadstool for Grunilda's costume collection
20% Chance to drop a special Halloween colored dye (Boss specific)
15% Chance to drop special Halloween decor (Boss specific)
5% Chance to drop an artifact from the Conjurer's set (Boss specific)

Ethel the Deranged Witch

Possible rewards
- Black Toadstools, Green Toadstools or Red Toadstools
- Halloween Green Dye (5 Charges)
- Black Cat Statuette, Halloween Ghoul Statuette or Platinum Token
- Conjurer's Grimoire (Spellbook: Undead Slayer, Magery +15, INT 8, SDI 15, LMC 10)

Pumpkin King

Possible rewards
- Black Toadstools, Green Toadstools or Red Toadstools
- Halloween Orange Dye (5 Charges)
- Carved Pumpkin or Platinum Token
- Conjurer's Trinket (Talisman: Undead Slayer, STR 1, HPR 2, HCI 10, DI 20)

Herpekitus the Plant Monster

Possible rewards
- Black Toadstools, Green Toadstools or Red Toadstools
- Halloween Red Dye (5 Charges)
- Dark Tree or Platinum Token
- Conjurer's Garb (Robe: MR2, Luck 140, DCI 5)

Sorceress of the Night

Possible rewards
- Black Toadstools, Green Toadstools or Red Toadstools
- Halloween Purple Dye (5 Charges)
- Ruined Tapestry, Pumpkin Scarecrow or Platinum Token
- Conjurer's Sandals (Sandals: MR2, Luck 140, DCI 5)

Malevolent the Reaper

Possible rewards
- Black Toadstools, Green Toadstools or Red Toadstools
- Halloween Black Dye (5 Charges)
- Grim Warning, Skulls on a Pike or Platinum Token
- Conjurer's Sash (Sash: MR2, Luck 140, DCI 5)
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News ::  Sep 18 2020 8:01:24 pm  -  Upcoming updates for this forum, and the shard
Just a heads up in the next month or two you can expect two major things to happen:

1: This forum will be migrated, along with Uo Gateway, Iceteks, and Anythingforums into a single forum. This has been something I wanted to do for a LONG time and just kept being delayed and procrastinating with. I want to get it done once and for all. It will most likely go under the name Iceteks, but I might do Anything Forums. Iceteks was actually my first major site to create and manage and it just kinda fell stagnant and I never did anything with it, and eventually shut the forum down due to being hacked all the time as it was out of date. Anythingforums was a site I took over many years back, and same thing, it was so old and out of date that it kept getting hacked. So I want to bring those two forums back up and combine them along with Uo Gateway forums and this one. It just makes it easier to manage for me, as well as hopefully brings in a bit more traffic for having more social interactions and what not.

Your account will work on the new forum and all posts will remain, however you will be required to reset your password, so be sure that your email associated with your forum account is valid. When the new forum is launched there will be more instructions on the login page and it will be setup to be as straightforward as possible.

More info on this here:


2: Shard quality of life update. I will be going through and implement some of the suggested changes that have been made in this thread:

I have a big chunk of time off coming next month, and I anticipate having enough free time to finally do these things that I've been wanting to do for a while, so just wanted to make a quick update so you can expect it.

I will probably do the shard update first, as I anticipate that should only take a couple days max. I won't do anything that involves big code changes but lot of the changes are simple things like changing a value or modifying existing code which will not require as much intensive testing.

Hope everyone is doing well during these crazy times!
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