Age of Valor strives to make your game experience as enjoyable as possible. There are many features on this free shard, and more are always being added. The best way to stay up to date is to read the news forum update threads, as well as check out the Content Database section which includes custom items/monsters.

In-game features:

ML peerless system
All 6 ML peerless bosses and associated dungeons are fully spawned and functional. Our key system is very advanced and versatile, making it possible to easily add custom peerless bosses such as Jormundgand.
Treasures of Tokuno
Even as a ML era shard, it does not mean we fully follow OSI. Removing items from dropping is unfair to new players, so we have not removed and never will never remove treasures of tokuno, they will always drop.
ML Colored Woods
Lumberjacking is made much more interesting as you can get various types of woods: oak, ash, yew, bloodwood, heartwood and frostwood. These allow to craft items with various preadded properties and colors.
Custom Bod System
The standard Bulk Order Deed (BOD) system in UO is very boring and the odds of getting the good prizes are very slim and require tons of bot accounts, and generally breaking the rules. Its a fact: its the only way. Here at AoV the system is quest driven making it much easier to get the rewards. There is also a wide varity of new rewards such as runic saws, runic fletching kit and even runic tinker set.
Full PVP in Fel
Felucca was meant for pvp, so why ruin it with guards? on AoV, there are no guards in fel making even town battles possible. Also, we do everything we can to try and balance pvp as much as possible. We fix lot of stuff that is used as gimp tactics, to ensure fair play for everyone.

There are many many more features on this shard such as custom bosses, artifacts and much more! I will leave it up to you to discover these things as you go as that is what will make things more fun.

Technical Aspects:

Age of Valor is hosted in a world class data center and is run by IT professionals. With proper IT knowledge you can rest assured we do backups, server maintenance, and everything to ensure peek performance and uptime even with a non profit budget. Our processes such as server updates are fully thought out and designed to ensure smooth and fast transitions to new content. Even our test server and development servers are fully backed up multiple times per day to ensure development is never delayed by any kind of data disaster.

If thats not enough, our programming practices are of high standard, aiming for organized and optimized code to ensure best performance. While we use RunUO, its core and scripts have been highly modified and recoded to meet our standards. This gives a final product much better then typical cookie cutter shards that simply use premade scripts and do not test them.

This is a brief outline of our code change management process:

As you can see we test things not once, but twice, before it even goes into production. This is how we ensure maximum server availability and a stable gaming environment.

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