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Age of Valor Forum Index » News » Upcoming updates for this forum, and the shard
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Upcoming updates for this forum, and the shard
PostPosted: Sat Sep 19, 2020 12:01 am Reply with quote
Red Squirrel
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Just a heads up in the next month or two you can expect two major things to happen:

1: This forum will be migrated, along with Uo Gateway, Iceteks, and Anythingforums into a single forum. This has been something I wanted to do for a LONG time and just kept being delayed and procrastinating with. I want to get it done once and for all. It will most likely go under the name Iceteks, but I might do Anything Forums. Iceteks was actually my first major site to create and manage and it just kinda fell stagnant and I never did anything with it, and eventually shut the forum down due to being hacked all the time as it was out of date. Anythingforums was a site I took over many years back, and same thing, it was so old and out of date that it kept getting hacked. So I want to bring those two forums back up and combine them along with Uo Gateway forums and this one. It just makes it easier to manage for me, as well as hopefully brings in a bit more traffic for having more social interactions and what not.

Your account will work on the new forum and all posts will remain, however you will be required to reset your password, so be sure that your email associated with your forum account is valid. When the new forum is launched there will be more instructions on the login page and it will be setup to be as straightforward as possible.

More info on this here:


2: Shard quality of life update. I will be going through and implement some of the suggested changes that have been made in this thread:

I have a big chunk of time off coming next month, and I anticipate having enough free time to finally do these things that I've been wanting to do for a while, so just wanted to make a quick update so you can expect it.

I will probably do the shard update first, as I anticipate that should only take a couple days max. I won't do anything that involves big code changes but lot of the changes are simple things like changing a value or modifying existing code which will not require as much intensive testing.

Hope everyone is doing well during these crazy times!

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Upcoming updates for this forum, and the shard
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